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What's up with the "!" (POINT) ?

There is a LOT to the "!" (the POINT) . . . . True to our Core Value of "intimately gathering in small groups around the city for support, encouragement, and mission," we've put together our own style of Small Group Ministry.

Small Group Ministry contain two types of gatherings: POINT Groups and HUDDLE groups. Together these groups are the heart of Celebration! Church Ottawa . . . They represent the "exclamation POINT" of fellowship, the "focal POINT" of discipleship, and one of the primary "launching POINTS" for mission & ministry. Just like a small change in punctuation makes a big impact on a sentence, small group ministry fosters HUGE growth and transformation on both an individual and group level. When small group ministry flourishes, entire communities are changed. And in addition, Sunday church services become a wonderfully intense "celebration" of what God is doing throughout the week in various groups and individual lives. We think this is a sweet foretaste of heaven!

POINT Groups

These are smaller, discipleship focused groups and are generally geographically or affinity-group focused. POINT Groups generally meet in homes and operate on a 4 week cycle. During weeks 1 & 2 the groups meet to discuss the Bible and its connection to real life. They work through issues and train each other up in the faith.

Each 3rd week is a GO week. GO weeks are set aside to enable explicit space in our schedules to practice being on-mission. We serve, we walk, we pray, we volunteer, we build relationships, and we testify to our experience of Jesus.

On the 4th week of each cycle all of the POINT groups gather together into HUDDLE Groups.


HUDDLE Groups are a gathering of POINT Groups (and whoever else wants to drop in). They meet in a few homes spaced around the city.

HUDDLE Groups bridge the gap between smaller, mission-centred POINT Groups and large Sunday gatherings. They address a unique need for support and encouragement in a larger-yet-still-close-knit group. These groups are community-building focused. A lot of sharing takes place, generally over a meal, because big family meals are awesome.

THE 4 PRIMARY GOALS of Point Groups:

1) We want Growth in Worship [ SEE: look at Jesus ]
2) We want Transformational Discipleship [ BE: look like Jesus ]
3) We want Meaningful Community [ GIVE: love like Jesus ]
4) We want Faithful Reproduction [ GO: lead to Jesus ]


building habits of being with God through personal Bible reading and prayer


becoming more like Jesus as He shapes us from the inside out


seeing people connect with each other and the great mission of God


pursuing a desire for both faithfulness and fruitfulness


Would you begin praying about how God would have you connect to a group for encouragement, support, and discipleship?

If you'd like to talk about hosting, leading or co-leading a small group, let us know at info@celebrationchurch.ca .