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FC Mission ::

The purpose of FIGHTclub is call out and equip men to know Christ and make Him known in accordance with biblical manhood.

We will do this by fostering a culture of discipleship and service through meeting together in large and small groups regularly for fellowship, Bible study, accountability and to be challenged in doing worthy "hard things".

FC Rules ::

1. Know Yourself
2. Trust Your Saviour
3. Fight Your Sin
4. Carry Your Sword
5. Stand with Your Brothers
6. Do Hard Things
7. Be a Hero

FC Descriptions ::

FIGHTclub a.m. | 8 - 9:30am | This is our regular meeting, happening every other Saturday morning. Grab your warm beverage of choice on your way in and meet at the main entrance to Saint Paul University (223 Main Street). We'll gather & head inside to find our spot. Plan on sparing some time from your morning to gather with some brothers and be encouraged to "fight the good fight of faith". You'll be glad you did.

FIGHTclub Serves | Periodically the men of C!C and their friends rally together to help someone in the community. Whether it's volunteering at a soup kitchen, cleaning up an elderly person's yard or helping someone move, we want to be regularly showing Christ's love through acts of service.

Manley Cup Events | Every man needs a dose of healthy competition . . . and a ridiculously large homemade trophy fashioned after the Stanley Cup. Every once in a while the C!C men gather to put their skills and wits (or lack thereof) to the test in order to get their name added to the illustrious "Manley Cup."

FC Book List ::

Recommended Reads:

Tender Warrior :: Stu Weber

Let the Nations Be Glad :: John Piper

Every Man's Battle :: Arterburn, Stoeker, Yorkey

Mere Christianity :: C.S. Lewis

Erasing Hell :: Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle

Generous Justice :: Tim Keller

The Rest of God, Restoring your Soul by Restoring Sabbath :: Mark Buchanan